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Latest News Update

A desperate drama played out at Aquila Private Game Reserve, in the western cape, after the birth of the third baby rhino in the past 3


Aquila rangers jumped into action and risking all managed to drive the male away. The calf was successfully uplifted and taken to in ARC (Aquila


but the third calf, born in the early hours of this morning (New Years Eve) is being rescued from dehydration after being rejected by its mother.

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Eco Eco Synergy Systems

Aquila / ARC spent over R500 000 to medicate, feed, capture and translocate the deer in June 2008 in order to save Robben Island’s World Heritage


The Aquila Eagle Crest Conservation fund has been born out of a joint venture between Aquila Private Game Reserve and Swartland Winery in order


Thousands of non-indigenous trees were cut down, and used to build Aquila’s thatch roofs. 2000 indigenous trees have been planted in the veld to

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